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Christmas for me brings back many childhood memories ... 

How my mom wanted to make things extra special for us kids.  She & my dad would put up a huge village display in the living room with the Christmas tree right in the center of it.  The train would be running around and through it!  My dad made mini full scale reproductions of the houses we use to live in as well as other essential village houses.  I was so excited when I was finally old enough to help them with it! I remember the wonderful smells of the holiday foods...  :-)

 Years later, I still look forward to getting together with old friends & new friends.  Remembering those who have past on...  Sharing stories and most importantly sharing the love....  

Thank you for visiting my website!  :-)

Teresa Michael

I love this time of year!  I love the snow and the decorations!  Especially, the lights!  Glass reminds me of the twinkle of the lights....

For your Christmas tree!

These beautiful & delicate Snow Flake ornaments are hand crafted from pieces of colored 

and dichroic glass which are then fused separately in a kiln for many hours.  Then they are assembled by hand in two or more layers to give them their 3-dimensional design.  They are approximately  2"- 3"in diameter.  Each one has a silver or gold plated bail & beautiful hanger in their own decorative box.


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Snow Flakes Continue!

All have sold!
Working on more...Please stay tuned!  :-)