Brass frame with Swarovski crystals, colored & clear glass beads and pearls.

​Approx. Size:  1 3/8" x 2 3/8"

Brass frame with clear & colored glass beads.

Approx. size:  1" x 2"

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Tree of Life Pendants


These “Tree of Life” pendants are hand woven with various wire.  Embellished with glass beads, semiprecious stones or pearls mounted in a hand forged frame of brass, sterling silver or copper with bails to match.  

All pendants come with an 18"chain so they are ready to wear! I had so much fun making these!  

I hope you enjoy them! :-)

Brass frame with glass beads.

Approx. size:  1.5" x 2.25"



Sterling silver frame with glass beads & garnet stones.  

Approx. size:   1" x 2".


Copper frame with colored & clear glass beads.  

Approx. size:  1.25 x 2"